Mehdi Pedram
Data Scientist Mehdi Pedram


I work as a data scientist (AI expert and data analysit) at Lorestan University of Medical Sciences. In this position, I consult and contribute to medical research projects including creating predictive models for diseases and digital signal processing for usage such as EEG and ECG. Additionally, I manage the the business intelligence section of this state university.


Web development:

I used to do more web developing especially freelance projects befor being employed by LUMS but these days I spend my free time on machine learning and data science. some of my web skills:

  • PHP programming
  • Java script & Ajax
  • HTML5, CSS...
  • Creating Goggle chrome extensions

Contact me:

mehdi.pedram At G _mail

AI & Data Science:

I'm an enthusiastic data scientist who does a little data science at work and much more than that in my free time!

I have competition master tier :) on Kaggle and my best rank there has been 206 among more than 150K+ data scientists around world. It's just the beginning!
You can find my Kaggle profile here:

(Kaggle is the most well-known web site for data science competitions.)

I accept freelance projects.


  • Bachelor's degree in software engineering from Chamran University in Ahwaz (2006)
  • Master's degree in software engineering from Azad university(2012). The title of my thesis was “A New variant of self-organized map for text clustering”
  • Passed PhD courses in Artificial intelligence at Kashan University.(without the degree)
  • Google scholar

Programming :

I started computer programming in 1990s, when I was a kid by QBASIC. Those days, even I didn't have a computer at home and used to write programs on paper. Since then I have experienced different programming languages, including Python, C, PHP, ... . You can find some of my shared poject on my Github page:

My github


I do photography as a hobby. You can find my photo on my

Instagram Page : @pedram.mehdi

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